Heidi Turzyn is the Wine Director of one of New York’s most iconic restaurants, The singular Gotham Bar and Grill. We’ll talk about wine, women in wine and Wheeling Forward.

What are you drinking now?

Austrian Rieslings, Pichler, Jager, and Knoll.

Favorite wine and food pairing?

A really crisp Riesling (a young Federspiel) with oysters or White Burgundy with halibut.

Favorite wine restaurant or bar?

Compagnie, NYC 

Charlie Bird, NYC

Le Bernadin, NYC

Favorite all time wine?

1990 Armand Rousseau Chambertin

Best wine under $15? 

Red- Cab Franc (Borgueil) from the Loire in France

White- Petit Chablis from Burgundy

Hardest food to pair wine with?

Pickled grilled parsnip steak with a Spanish Lopez de Heredia Rioja

Weekly Wine Sip: 

2014 Rivers Marie Sonoma Coast Chardonnay


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