Jay McInerney is the critically acclaimed author of 13 books including Bright Lights, Big City, Story of My Life, Brightness Falls and The Good Life. He has written three wine books, Bacchus and Me, A Hedonist in the Cellar and The Juice. Jay is currently the wine columnist for Town and Country Magazine, a correspondent for the online site Prince Street and was previously the wine critic for the Wall Street Journal and House and Garden. His current novel, Bright Precious Days was just released in paperback.

What are you drinking now?

It's August, I'm sick of Rose, I'm drinking Chablis.

Favorite wine and food pairing? 

Chablis and oysters, Champagne and almost anything, including caviar.

Favorite wine restaurant and/or bar?

Charlie Bird, NYC

Pasquale Jones, NYC

Rebelle, NYC

Le Bernadin, NYC

Daniel, NYC

Favorite all-time wine?

1955 La Mission Haut Brion, 1962 La Tache Burgundy both from France.

Best wine around 15 bucks?

Red- Cote du Rhone from France, Zindfandel, and Chilean reds

White- 2015 Brocard 2105 Chablis Village

What's harder, finding a 1962 La Tache or marriage?

Probably the La Tache, I've been married four times, I'm either very good at it or very bad.

Weekly Wine Sip

We tasted the 2012 Schloss Gobelsburg Riesling Tradition from Austria. Retails for about $48 and is available at better wine stores.

We loved it, Burgundian nose, great acidity, color and mouthfeel.

Sam Benrubi