Jon Bonné is one of today’s most prolific wine writers. Jon served as the wine editor and chief wine critic of the San Francisco Chronicle and is now senior contributing editor of online magazine, Punch. Author of The New California Wine and currently working on The New French Wine, he is a James Beard Award-winning journalist bringing a critical eye and a well-trained palate to the world of wine and food.

What are you drinking now? 

Muscadet and Vermentino from Italy and France

Favorite wine and food pairing?

Piedmont pasta with truffles and Barolo

Spicy Szechuan and Chinon from France

Favorite wine restaurant or bar?

Compagnie des Vins Surnatural, NYC

Favorite all time wine?

Hard to pick one

Best wine under $15? 

Red: Beaujolais Village, John Paul Brun

White: Pepiere Muscadet, Mark Olivier White Label Muscadet

Weekly Wine Sip: 

2013 Chateau Fontanes Les Traverses de Fontanes, Languedoc, France, $18

Medium purple color, on the nose, black fruit, some red berries, peppery, on the palate, dark fruits, licorice, medium bodied mouthfeel. Pairs well with BBQ, red meats, pork. Liked It

Sam Benrubi