Adam Sachs is Editor in Chief of Saveur, a magazine dedicated to food, drink, travel, style and home.  He joined the magazine in 2014 and has steered it towards telling deep, elegantly-written stories about what makes food and wine so meaningful to people all over the world.  Adam has received 3 James Beard Awards for his writing.

What are you drinking now? 

Morgon and light reds from France. Anything sparkling

Favorite wine and food pairing?

Wine and Food Pairing is Bullshit!  People overthink pairing.

Favorite wine restaurant or bar?

Contra, NYC

Wildair, NYC

Clown Bar, Paris

Ved Standen 10, Copenhagen

Favorite all time wine?

Domaine Tempier Bandol, and Champagne, France

Favorite food author? 

AJ Liebling

Weekly Wine Sip: 

2014 Saveur Selects Petite Sirah from the Saveur Wine Club, $38.99 for 2 bottle club membership

Liked It

Sam Benrubi