The Macari family has been on the North Fork of Long Island since 1974 and started making wines in the mid ’90s. Gabriella Macari is a third generation member of the Macari wine clan. We talk to her about Long Island wines and the multi varietals from Macari. Long Island wines are now more available, of higher quality, and a wine destination. This is the Long Island Wine Show!

What are you drinking right now?

Anything sparkling, Macari Horses sparkling Cab Franc and Champagne.

Favorite wine and food pairing?

Fino Sherry with tapas.

Favorite wine restaurant or bar?

18 Bay, Shelter Island in Long Island

Danny Meyer's restaurants including North End Grill

11 Madison (shout out for putting Macari on their wine list early on!)

Favorite all time wine?

Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire in France, Dagueneau

Best wine under $15? 

Gabriella is a little jaded towards Long Island Wines, White Sauvignon Blanc from LI. Red, Merlot from LI.

Favorite wine right now?

Abruzzo, Italy, Vini Rabasco

Weekly Wine Sip: 

Vintage 2008 Macari Cab Franc and a 2015 Macari Sauvignon Blanc

Both wines drank very well. We loved them.

Sam Benrubi