Wine Director, Justin Chearno, plies his trade at the Williamsburg wine bar, The Four Horsemen. We are also joined by Raw Wine Fair founder, Isabelle Legeron. And – in a first for the program – the bottle we crack open for the Weekly Wine Sip is a white one.

What are you drinking now? 

Lirac, Eyrolles, South Rhone, France

Favorite wine and food pairing?

Pet Nat Sparkling Wine and fried chicken

Favorite wine restaurant or bar?

Le Chateaubriand, Paris

Favorite all time wine?

Guy Breton Beaujolais

Claire Naudin Burgundy

Best wine under $15? 

Red: Beaujolais Village

White: Mark Ollivier Muscadet

Weekly Wine Sip: 

2014 Michel Gassier Costieres de Nimes Nostre Pais from So. Rhone France, $16-20

Pale gold color, a nose of citrus blossom and white flower, on the palate, green apple with good acidity and freshness. Pairs well with seafood and shellfish. Liked It

Sam Benrubi