Paul Grieco of Terroir Wine Bar in NYC has been on the New York wine and restaurant scene for over 30 years. He is a true prophet of Riesling and wines that deserve their due. He is the father of “The Summer of Riesling.” We’ll talk to Paul about Riesling, under appreciated wines, and hospitality and service in the wine and restaurant business.

What are you drinking now?


Favorite wine and food pairing?

Riesling Kabinett from the Mosel River Valley in Germany and Raisin Bran

Favorite wine restaurant or bar?

Roberta's Pizza; the food and wine is well chosen.

Favorite all time wine?

Chateau Musar from Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, Serge Hochar the winemaker (deceased) has created an experience of place, family and history.

Best wine under $15? 

Go to you local wine store, establish trust, put down your $15 and tell him what you like. What wines made you feel something, tell them to get you something like that!  It's a world of wine, explore.

Weekly Wine Sip: 

2013 von Hovel Scharzhofberg Saar Riesling Kabine, $22-25

Loved It

Sam Benrubi